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Windows 10 Available in 190 Countries Now, Microsoft Upbeat

Windows10The new operating system of Windows 10 is now available for free download across 190 countries from July 29, Microsoft said in a statement.

The Microsoft unveiled a strategy in the early period of this year by announcing that the users of windows 7 and 8.1 can have free customization to its latest operating system.

Microsoft seeks to attract more users and turn around its almost stagnant profits. Microsoft, which initially hinted at allowing even pirated versions to upgrade has retracted and is not allowing any such versions to get its new updated Windows 10.

Microsoft has also made an attempt to take over mobile users by introducing a new browser called ‘Edge.’ This new feature and touch-friendly Windows 10 will probably have a greater impact as it will be running on all the hand devices such as smartphones and tablets, besides the personal computers.

“The PC’s and tablets which are running Windows 10 will be available in market from July 29 but the smartphones with Windows 10 will be available at this year end,” said Microsoft.

Here are the unique features built in Windows 10 to attract users:

Windows 10 allows changes to user experience, apps and developers, Continumm, Cortana, Music and Video Xbox app.

Since large number of users demand Microsoft to get back Aero Glass from Windows 7, Microsoft tried to meet its user demands and needs. The Aero Glass windows is used by Apple in its OS X.

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