Will Aamir Khan ‘PK’ Repeat ‘3 Idiots’ Success Mantra at Box Office?

Aamir Khan-starrer ‘3 Idiots’ can be classified as a trend-setter in Bollywood and there is every element of similar success mantra in the latest ‘PK’ released today, Dec. 19, 2015, apt for Christmas holiday season not only in India but all over the world from Asutralia to Americas.

The successful trio of ‘3 Idiots’ — Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra — are staging back together for ‘PK’ after almost 6 years gap to re-invent the same success story in Indian film industry. The storyline is kept highly secret till today despite giving out hints and teasers to guess for all and sundry.

Distributed by Disney India, ‘PK’ features Anushka Sharma and Sanjay Dutt in lead roles while Aamir Khan has already bagged the attention of all his fans posing naked with a transistor, through which one cannot see behind, claims Disney India head Amrita Pandey.

The film is set for a mega-release in 4,000 screens in India and 844 screens overseas in 40 markets and it goes with sub-titles in 10 launguages.

While North Americas market will see 300 screens showing the film, in the UK 198 screens have been booked, 70 screens in Pakistan, 35 screens in Australia, while traditional Asian markets like China, Japan and Turkey will also be focused soon, Disney India’s Pandey told Hollywood Reporter.

For the first time, in Australia, the distributors have partnered with the Hoyts cinema chain who will have about 600 ushers wearing PK-branded T-shirts during the Christmas holiday season as the film takes its run for three weeks. “Hoyts has committed seven to eight shows on opening day,” said Pandey.

Actor Anushka Sharma speaks to the media as she reveals her look for the upcoming film PK in Mumbai on Oct. 16, 2014. (Photo: IANS)Director Hirani, describing the first poster with Aamir Khan naked in it, said it “is reflective of the film. You can be fully clothed and still be vulgar. And I ask people, how can you see through the radio to know that he is naked? When a baby is born, it is naked – only we talk about shame by turning nudity into an issue.”

The film shown to VIPs like Sachin Tendulkar and others, is still secretive about the theme but Hirani said, “With PK, I hope to change a thought process, a way of looking at things. And like 3 Idiots, PK also has humour, drama and emotion. I think it will have a lot of resonance.”

As ‘3 Idiots’ went on to make $160 million, first in the history of Bollywood, the producers and distributors are hopeful to repeat the same with the mantra of their earlier film inserted into ‘PK’. All Aamir Khan films have been released in December starting with ‘Ghajini’ that started the trend of Rs.100 crore-club and ‘3 Idiots’ that kicked off the Rs.200 crore-club and his last film ‘Dhoom 3’ that  broke all the records and went on to mint Rs.283 crore worldwide. Ideally, PK should set a new record of Rs.400 crore club now, giving Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan a run for their films soon.

About the secret storyline, PK, an alien left stranded on Planet Earth gets accustomed to hostile environment and goes around finding his own way to survive and find his stolen remote control to call back his spaceship. He learns his Bhojpuri from a sex worker and his only friend Bharon Singh leads him to Delhi where he meets TV journalist Anushka Sharma, who had just broken with her Pakistani boyfriend Rajput. Rest is humour, gripping story that keeps audience tight to their seats.

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