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WATCH: Is Hardik Patel Caught in a Sex Video?

In a video posted on Youtube few hours ago Hardik Patel, who is the leader of Patels demanding reservation for OBCs was seen with some of his friends having fun with a girl.

The girl is over Hardik Patel and enacting sexual scenes. The video has gone viral in social media.

Hardik Patel, 22, who has been demanding reservation for Patel community has created a huge roar across the country now faces flak for an entirely unrelated act but the social media is unlikely to leave him alone on this.

According to Khojinarad.in website, which has revealed the video first, said Hardik is seen with a girl and it could spoil his and the whole Patel community’s name.

The video is shared by khojinarad official youtube page.


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