US Appoints Indian Origin Arun Mazumdar as Science Envoy to Baltics, Poland


arunIndian-origin energy expert Dr Arun Mazumdar, Professor at Precourt Institute of Stanford University, has been appointed one of the four Science Envoys of the United States by the Obama Administration on Thursday. An IIT-Mumbai alumni, Mazumdar will focus on Poland and Baltic regions.

The four envoys announced on Thursday also include Dr. Peter Hotez, Dr. Jane Lubchenco,  and Dr. Geri Richmond, as part of the scheme announced by US President Obama in Cairo in June 2009.

The U.S. Science Envoy program demonstrates the United States’ commitment to science, technology, and innovation as tools of diplomacy and economic growth, said the statement and so far 9 science envoys have been named.

The four envoys will begin their work from January 1, 2015. “These distinguished scientists will engage internationally at the citizen and government levels to develop partnerships, improve collaboration, and forge mutually beneficial relationships between other nations and the United States to stimulate increased scientific cooperation and foster economic prosperity,” said the statement.

Science Envoys, however, travel as private citizens and advise the White House, the Department of State, and the scientific community about potential opportunities for cooperation. This year, first time a Science Envoy for the Ocean was named to continue the momentum created at the “Our Ocean Conference” held at the State Department in June 2014, said the statement.

Peter Hotez, Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine and an expert in Tropical Pediatrics, will focus on Saudi Arabia and Morocco with his expertise on vaccine development.

Jane Lubchenco , an expert on marine biology, will help carry on the momentum built since the May conference on Ocean.

Arun Majumdar, also former Founding Director of ARPA-E (2009-2012) and Acting Under Secretary of Energy (2011-2012) is an expert in energy, climate change and innovation. He will focus on Poland and the Baltics.

Geraldine Richmond, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon and founder of the COACh for women scientists and engineers will focus on Thailand and Lower Mekong Initiative Countries.

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