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Unimpressive WWDC 2015 Harps on Just Updates

This year’s WWDC 2015 did not bring forth major announcements but merely added some updates though major tweaks from iOS 9 to car apps. Here are some WWDC 2015 Highlights:
iOS 9:
iOS 9 main feature is that it has to be the Proactive Assistant, which is Apple’s way of taking on Google now. Proactive Assistant can now give a contextual search results based on search history, location and time of the day. Basically, this is an unpgrade to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.
iOS 9 is coming up with a new news app which will replace Newsstand, along with twists and turns to the Notes and Maps app.The iPad power-users will be introduced to some much needed features such as short cuts for cut, copy, paste functions and also a new mode that turns the keyboard into a trackpad and a multi-tasking mode for the iPad.
iOS 9 will come with less space, the low power mode squeezes three extra hours out of the battery, unlike previous iOS update capacities, the iOS 9 will only come as a 1.8GB installation size.
News app
News app was the other major iOS 9 announcement which basically aggregates news based on your interests, in a rich multimedia format. The News app has tied up with The New York Times for 33 articles a day. (But there’s no news if the news is accessible free as the NYT offers only 10 articles free) along with magazine publisher such as Conde Nast as well as with countless bloggers.
News app tends to keep the font size similar to the original source articles so that users feel that they are reading the articles on their home site. This sounds an awful lot like Facebook Instant Articles. Just like Flipboard, the layout is rich and one can embed photo galleries as well as videos in a News app article. Also content has been optimised for both iPad and the iPhone. It will first be available in the US, UK and Australia.
Apple Pay
Apple Pay will be coming to more countries but now only the United Kingdom has been added and India wasn’t mentioned as yet. Apple Pay has also added support for loyalty cards and in-store credit cards. Also Apple Passbook has now been renamed to Apple Wallet which will integrated your debit card, credit card, loyalty cards, all in one place.
OS X El Capitan
It seemed like OS X El Capitan is more of a refinement of the features on its predecessor Yosemite.In terms of performance gains, Apple claims that there has been a 1.4x times increase in app launch times, 2x improvement in app switching speeds, up to 4x improvement in PDF opening in Preview and so on.
Apple has brought Metal to the Mac OS, which gives games and apps direct access to the graphics processor on your Mac. Mac OS X has finally got the Split view mode which lets you work on two apps simultaneously.
Apple Music
Apple announced its much speculated music app called ‘Apple Music’, which will be priced at $9.99 (approx Rs 640) per month. Apple Music will be free for the first three months just to attract its user. For a family plan for up to 6 accounts Apple Music will cost $14.99 (approx Rs 960).
By June 30 around 100 countries will enjoy the service of music app. Apple Music will be coming to Android operating system by fall.One of the major additions to the service will be Siri integration. You can speak out commands including natural language commands such as ‘Play me the top song from 1990′ or ‘Play me more songs of Eminem.’ Beats 1 will be the radio service associated with Apple Music. It will start off with three 24/7 radio stations which will be broadcasted globally from locations such as New York, London and Los Angeles.
Watch OS 2.0
Apple somehow managed to announce an update to the recently launched Apple Watch – watchOS 2. It brings more options for watch faces. Users can go beyond simply reading emails, and can now even reply to them. Developers will get more control and there’s also full support for HealthKit and HomeKit. Improvements  in the iOS 9 — like transit directions in Maps — will be made available for the Apple Watch too. Developers get access to the latest watchOS right away.
Homekit and car apps
The company’s smart home platform, Homekit, has been updated to now adjust window shades, motion sensors and security systems too. Apple’s auto operating system has also got some big upgrades. CarPlay will allow auto makers to develop apps that control the car’s features. CarPlay will also support high-DPI screens at multiple display sizes.

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