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Trojan Virus, Androidsmssend on Android Phones Again? Fix it or Reset!

Global software security firm Dr Web has once again warned Android users about the potential and infectious Trojan virus which may steal passwords and send illegal SMSs to those on the mobile contact list.

The computer virus ‘AndroidSmssend’ was found in June this year but in India, Android-enabled phones have begun reporting its hack on mobile phones in four disguised aliases to hoodwink the user and make mobile phones virtually devoid of any use.

The Russia-based firm said the programmes, discovered by Doctor Web’s analysts, belong to the Vietnamese developer AppStore Jsc, disguised as audio players and a video player but displaying adult content.

While running some applications dubbed Android.MulDrop, Android.MulDrop.1 and Android.MulDrop.2 by Dr.Web, it said they prompted the user to download the content they need, but their consent began to install another application rather than downloading the required files, it said.

The six-month-old news is making rounds as the year-end begins to take note of what happened in the year by some news agencies. The simple solution to trojan malware is to take out the memory card and factory “reset” the phone.

If you want photos or music, the connect it to your computer, copy only the photos and music or those files you require, and then format it. Next put your memory card back and copy the files.

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