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Top 5 Apps Released in May 2015: Google Handwrite, Handpick, Yallo, BitTorrent Bleep and More

May has been full of new releases in technology and smartphone world. It also witnessed the launches of some of the best and useful apps. Let us take a look back at the month and see the top five apps which have made our lives simpler and fun.

android lollipop 5.0 rolled out today. (Photo: Google)

android lollipop 5.0 rolled out today. (Photo: Google)

Google Handwrite

Android (Free)

This latest app from Google lets the user enter text by writing it on-screen, whether using a stylus or your finger. Although, it will not replace the traditional touchscreen keyboard, this can be fun in sending personalised text messages!


iOS/Android (Free)

Handpick is an app for cooking lovers. The app collates mouth-watering meals from Instagram and food blogs, suggests recipes, and helps users zero in on a particular to dish.

Office Remote for Android

Android (Free)

Microsoft released the Office software as Android app. This app allows the user to control their PowerPoint presentations from your Android device. It also works smoothly with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.


Android (Free)

A calling app, similar to Viber, Yallo makes phone calls easier. This app has features such as
call- captioning, call recorder, travelling abroad (you can use data Plans or Wi-Fi with yallo and the outgoing and incoming calls will be free), Yallo Go (a feature to make and receive calls if you have no cellular network).

You can download Yallo on Android. The iOS version of the app is in development.

BitTorrent Bleep

Android/iOS (Free)

BitTorrent needs no introduction to tech savvies. This files sharing service released instant messaging app Bleep. The prime focus of the app is user’s privacy. Messages sent on Bleep are encrypted. This means that no user information, encryption keys, and messages can leak from your device.

Moreover, Bleep’s Whisper mode adds an extra security to your messages. The messages disappear the minute receiver reads them. The app does not any other personnel information, but can still connect you with your friends via Phone Contact List.




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  1. Hannah Howard

    I’ve been using a similar app to Yallo called YouRoam.com. I’ve been using it on my iPhone for a few months now to make calls over wifi. It’s great for everyday calling and making cheap international calls!

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