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Timeline of Hijacks Since 2000 Points More at Europe, Troubled Regions

Today, an Egyptair flight MS181 was hijacked by a man and forcelanded at Cyprus, while cabin crew and five foreigners are still kept captive in lieu of unspecified demands.

Here is a timeline of past hijacks which shows that most of the hijacked flights have been diverted to Europe or troubled regions destination unlike today’s one which reached Cyprus.

India 2000, Jan 1: Pro-Taliban militants hijack Indian Airlines Flight 814 en route from Kathmandu and diverted it to Amritsar, Lahore, Dubai and finally landed in then Taliban-ruled Kandahar. One hostage was killed and his body thrown on the tarmac. India bowed to their demands and released three jailed Pakistani men in exchange for the hostages and the passengers returned at the turn of the new century.

Brazil 2000, August 18: A VASP Boeing 737-2A1 carrying BRL 5 million (approximately US$2.75 million) from Foz do Iguaçu to Curitiba-Afonso Pena was hijacked by 5 persons who forcelanded it at Porecatu and fled with the money. There were no victims.

Saudi Arabia 2000: October 14: Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 115, flying from Jeddah to London was hijacked en route by two men.

Turkey January 2011: Turkish Airlines Flight 1754, flying from Oslo to Istanbul, was in Bulgarian airspace when an unsuccessful attempt was made to hijack it. The suspect allegedly said that he had a bomb and that he would blow up the aircraft unless the plane returned to Norway. Some passengers overpowered the hijacker and the flight safely landed at Atatürk International Airport safely.

Italy April 2011: An attempt to hijack Alitalia Flight 329, en route from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris to Fiumicino Airport in Rome was diverted to Tripoli International Airport, Libya. The hijacker, reported to be an advisor to the Kazakhstan delegation to UNESCO, was subdued by cabin crew and other passengers. He was arrested and taken into custody after the aircraft made a safe landing at Rome.

China June 29, 2012: A bid to hijack Tianjin Airlines Flight GS7554 from Hotan to Ürümqi. Six people tried to hijack the aircraft 10 minutes after take-off. There were 6 police officers on board. Four were in plain clothes, taking the plane for a business trip. They subdued the hijackers, all of whom were of Uyghur ethnicity.

Turkey February 7, 2014: Pegasus Airlines Flight 751, during the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics, was hijacked by an inebriated man who demanded it to go to Sochi for Olymics. The pilot tricked him and landed in Istanbul, Turkey and the man was arrested.

Italy February 17, 2014: A Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 from Addis Ababa to Rome was co-piloted by a disgruntled employee who hijacked the plane and landed at Geneva and sought asylum but overpowered.

Germany March 24, 2015: Germanwings Flight 9525 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf was hijacked by the co-pilot and crashed in the Alps mountains killing 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Cyprus March 29, 2016: Egyptair Flight MS181 carrying 81 passengers from Alexandria to Cairo, was taken over after a passenger said he was wearing an explosives belt and was was diverted to Larnaca International Airport. All passengers were released except cabin crew and 5 foreigners.

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