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Time to Turn to Japanese for Food, Diet Guide, Say Experts

It is a global truth that Japanese live longer than any other race or nationality and now the experts have gleaned at their food habit and came out with the reason that it was a balanced food under the food guide issued in 2005 , which has brought uniformity to the country’s food habits.

Adherence to Japanese food habits was behind their longevity and a recent study by Kayo Kurotani at the National Centre for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo said balanced diet with grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken and meat, added to longevity.

The guide published by the Japanese government to illustrate the balance and quantity of food in the daily Japanese diet will soon be a hit globally. The researchers examined the lifestyle and filled a questionnaire after interviewing 36,624 men and 42,920 women aged 45-75.

All these participants, with no history of cancer, stroke, heart disease, or chronic liver disease, were constantly followed for 15 years, before arriving at these conclusions. Those who adhered to the guide had a 15 percent lower total mortality rate, with no cerebrovascular disease.

so, the Japanese food speaks for balanced consumption of energy, grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, dairy products, cookies, and alcoholic wine called Sake (pronounced saake) — all help to longevity by decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, said the researchers.

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