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Time to Install CCTV in Every Govt Office?

With charges of corruption and sexual harassment by political leaders, their personal assistants and even clerks and peons in every government office, the time has come for the entire government offices to be put under CCTV for 24-hour vigilance against complaints and false complaints too.

Recently, a 26-year-old medical doctor in Maharashtra complained that the state health minister’s personal assistant had detained her for two hours on the pretext of offering her all help in her journey to serve in the government office. The complainant went to the police three months later and also demanded action from the Chief Minister against the concerned officer.

The Marine Drive police station officer in Mumbai said they are verifying the authenticity of the allegation since the incident took place three months ago. The concerned doctor, who hails from Jalgaon district, was in-charge of a primary health centre (PHC) at Patonda village in Jalgaon district, which was fully digitized recently by her.

When she visited the minister in March for a presentation on how to replicate the digitization project across 1,800 Primary Health Centres (PHC), the minister’s personal secretary Sunil Mali, she alleged, had tried to become her godfather "in order to get their projects implemented."

Sunil Mali has brushed aside the allegation stating that it was a "planned conspiracy to defame my image."

Unless there is a CCTV in every government office and minister’s ante-chamber, there is no security to women and other visitors, while all government employees and ministers too are equally at the risk of such allegations in the absence of CCTVs.

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