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Taiwan to host world’s largest rooftop solar power station

Taiwan, which held record for the world’s tallest tower Taipei 101 in the mid-2000s is back with the next best in the world — the world’s largest rooftop dual-axis solar power station.

Being constructed on a food factory in Pingtung County of Taiwan, the upcoming 840-kW project utilizes BIG SUN iPV solar trackers (dual-axis) to maximize energy output and be able to resist extreme weather conditions such as typhoons in Taiwan.

Topper Sun, a subsidiary of BIG SUN Group, serves as the EPC of this project for Chailease Finance Co. (CFC). By the end of year 2015, this site will be installed completely.

"CFC has been working with BIG SUN for a long time to develop many PV sites in Taiwan. We rely on BIG SUN’s professional solar products and services, and believe that iPV solar trackers will provide stable energy harvesting and produce over 30% more energy than fixed-tilt systems in this sunshine area," said Simon Hou, President of CFC, whose company has has invested in a total of 23.1 MW of solar power plants till year 2014.

CFC is likely to reach total capacity of 50 MW of 200 sites in 2015. "Solar trackers are one of the fastest-growing PV applications, IHS forecasts tracker application to grow to an impressive 20% of the market in 2015," said Summer Luo, Chairman of BIG SUN.

"BIG SUN iPV solar tracker features a unique cable-driven mechanism which is simple to be maintained and will help to lower the capital and O&M costs of this kind of dual-axis PV sites. Besides local installations, iPV solar trackers have been delivered for projects in many countries such as China, Japan, and Luxemburg. We look forward to seeing that iPV solar trackers will be widely used all over the world in the near feature."

BIG SUN’s core business is design, production, and sale of high-quality solar products.

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