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Watch Angry Pedestrian’s Funny Youtube Video Going Viral Now

Here is a funny video going viral on Youtube, captured wisely spanning less than a minute. It shows a middle-aged man in Adelaide, who was crossing the road with his dog. Unprovoked, he gesticulates angrily and abuses the driver. But he forgets that he was running head long to hit a pole and the video title says, “Angry Pedestrian Gets ...

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Gun-Toting Goons Scare Residents, Video on Youtube Goes Viral

In a shocking testimony of failure of the police and governance in Bangalore, goons deployed by a builder have occupied the Welfare Association’s office of Ajmera Inifinity in Electronic City showing pistols and guns to hapless residents who are virtually confined to their homes struck with utmost fear unseen in Bangalore till now. The fight began when the builder arbitrarily ...

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Where is Ganganam Style Hero Psy? Third One in Pipeline?

We all remember Psy, the South-Korean stunner who single-handedly rocked the world by his addictive single ‘Gangnan Style’ in 2012. Everyone danced along the song. In fact, tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams were also seen shaking a leg with each other on court before the start of 2013 Australian Open. The subsequent video of the single became the ...

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