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7 New Miniature Frog Species Found in Western Ghats

Delhi University researchers found seven species of miniature frogs which are smaller than a child’s thumbnail in the Western Ghats with vividly different traits of insect-like calls and secretive habitats. Unlike other frogs which are active during the night time, these frogs are active both in night and day time. Out of seven species, four measure just 12.2 to 15.4 ...

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Halakki Vokkaligaru: A Tribe in Karnataka Faces Fast Dwindling Numbers

Living far from the madding crowd and on the fringes of the deep forests in the bio-diverse Western Ghats off coastal Karnataka are the Halakki Vokkaligaru, a vanishing tribe, whose younger generation is a victim of modern lifestyle. Having survived over the centuries carrying the hoary tradition of their ancestors, the aboriginal older generation, especially its womenfolk, are at their ...

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