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Vitamin C Found to be Equivalent to Daily Exercise in Obese People

Vitamin C, known for its vital benefits in curbing scurvy and anemic conditions is known to have also similar cardiovascular benefits that one gets by daily exercise. However, it may not replace exercise but certainly supplements for obese and old people, say scientists. Available in citrous fruits such as lemons, oranges, amla among others, vitamin C can mimic the the ...

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More than sweet potato, its leaves are super source of vitamins: Researchers

Sweet Potato, a must and highly visible during Makara Sankranti festival is abundant in essential vitamins, especially B6 which is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for the proper maintenance of red blood cell metabolism and many other bodily functions, said researchers. Wilmer Barrera and David Picha from Louisiana State University studied several sweet potato tissue types – mature leaves, young leaves, ...

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Vitamin C Best Remedy to Curb Post-Exercise Cough, Other Respiratory Symptoms: Study

Vigorous exercise may worsen the symptoms of respiratory disorders such as cough or sore throat in some individuals but a new study suggests that increasing the vitamin C intake could offer quick relief. A meta-analysis of 3 studies found that vitamin C significantly reduced post-exercise airway, or the tubes that carry air into and out of the lungs, obstruction in ...

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