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Carrots Cut Down Breast Cancer Risk by 60%, More Benefits

Eating carrots regularly will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 60 percent, suggested a new study. Carrot has rich vitamins called carotenes, which are found in spinach and red peppers too, will help women reduce the risk of cancer, said researchers. Richard Berks, speaking on behalf of researchers at Breast Cancer Now, said though carrot was ingredient among ...

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‘Vitamin A’ Highly Effective in Saving Kids from Malaria: study

Vitamin A, known for its properties to fight off infection, is highly effective in ¬†protecting children against the mosquito-borne malaria parasite, a study said. Children under the age of 5 in sub-Saharan Africa were 54 percent less likely to develop malaria if they had been given a single large dose of vitamin A, the study showed. “Our research found that ...

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