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How to Keep Dengue Mosquitoes Away? India Under Dengue Attack

More than 30 people have lost their lives in Delhi alone due to Dengue outbreak, which is becoming a bigger threat in Bangalore now. Delhi faced its worst dengue crisis in five years, with 4,500 positive cases have already registered so far this year, and the Indian capital is paying the price for not taking proper preventive measures to stem Dengue which ...

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Did You Know Dengue Can Affect Your Eyesight?

As Dengue cases are soaring high in India, especially in the national capital; another dreadful aspect of it being able to cause loss of eyesight has been discovered. As explained by a research, published in the journal “Survey of Ophthalmology” some ordinary ocular expressions due to dengue are subconjunctival, edema and retinal hemorrhages with symptoms ranging from scotomata, floaters and ...

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Be ready to combat vector borne diseases

A small bite by a seemingly trifling organism can really turn your life upside down. Can you believe the fact that Vector borne diseases cause more than one million deaths each year? Yes, the number of deaths from vector born diseases is increasing alarmingly. Under tropical conditions of excessive heat and high humidity, man is subject to serious physical and ...

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