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Australian Researchers Develop New Diabates Drug to Replace Insulin Jabs or Metformin

Scientists have developed a safer drug that can replace potentially the insulin jabs or diabetes needles that the patients undergo almost daily once they are diagnosed with the slow-killer disease. Instead of traditional Metformin drug, the new drug targets a protein receptor known as PPARgamma found in fat tissue throughout the body, by activating it to achieve lower blood sugar ...

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Addictive Behaviour Alarming, 1 Billion Still Smoke

Despite anti-smoking awareness campaign acorss the world, still one billion people smoke compared to 240 million who are alcoholics, said a new study. In terms of percentage, it is 20% of global population that still smokes compared to 5% of the world population that consumes alcohol, while the study braced ahead to estimate 15 million addicts to drugs like heroin ...

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