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Teen Smokers Also Struggle With Body Image Related Guilt and Shame

A new research shows, that 25% of teens smokers, down dramatically from 40 percent in 1987. As we all know smoking is injurious to health but for today’s young generation does that really matters? lets find out how teen smokers are having a negative self image. A recent study conducted at Concordia University and published in preventive Medicine Reports, has ...

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Tiger Population Numbers in India flawed, says UK Study

India used a commonly used method to count tigers and other rare wildlife put the accuracy of such surveys in doubt, said a┬áteam of scientists from the University of Oxford, Indian Statistical Institute, and Wildlife Conservation Society. Criticising shortcomings in the ‘index-calibration’ method that yields inaccurate findings, the team said the flawed census should be corrected. It may be noted ...

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