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LIGO Finds 3rd Gravitation Waves from Black Holes

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) has made a third detection of gravitational waves, ripples in space and time, demonstrating that a new window in astronomy has been firmly opened. ...

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Qasar-Based Map of Universe Prepared by Space Scientists

dwarf galaxies

Based on the position of quasars, astronomers have prepared the first map of the universe large-scale structure of the universe. They have made use of the Sloan Foundation Telescope for ...

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Leave Earth Rhetoric: Why Stephen Hawking is Wrong This Time?

World renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, in a BBC program, has warned Earthlings to leave the mother planet in 100 years or face extinction, a doomsday prophecy that the mankind ...

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Meet Thanu Padmanabhan, Winner of Dark Energy Challenge and a Fancy Lamp

Pune-based physicist Thanu Padmanabhan propounded the theory that dark energy in cosmology is the root cause of accelerated expansion of the universe and threw a challenge to peers to prove ...

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Universe is Expanding Faster Than Previously Thought, Says NASA’s Hubble Team

Astronomers from NASA found that the Universe is expanding faster than they previously thought. Here is the illustration showing 3 steps they used to measure the universe's expansion rate to an unprecedented accuracy, reducing the total uncertainty to 2.4 percent. (NASA, ESA, A. FEILD (STSCI), AND A. RIESS (STSCI/JHU)

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope team of scientists from NASA have discovered that the universe is expanding 5 percent to 9 percent faster than previously thought. “This surprising finding may be ...

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NASA spy telescopes from NRO to decode mysterious dark energy

The US space agency is planning to use two former spy telescopes to study mysterious dark energy in space. NASA received the two telescopes from the National Reconnaissance Office (() ...

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All Set for Miss Universe Pageant; Where to Watch Live? Live Streaming Information; Top 5 Predictions

The Miss Universe beauty pageant will see all the 88 contestants vying for the top honour of being crowned Miss Universe 2014 in few minutes from now at Florida International ...

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Universe Did Not Collapse After Big Bang Due to Gravity, says Researchers

European researchers have found that gravity provided the stability needed for the universe to survive expansion during the Big Bang and said that is the reason it did not collapse. ...

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CERN Whitepaper on Future IT Challenges says 96% World Unknown

CERN openlab Whitepaper on Future IT Challenges released today said 96 percent of our universe is unknown about the challenges ahead for the scientific community. More than ever, computing plays ...

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