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3 Drug Combinations to Counter Antibiotic Resistance: Report

UCLA researchers found that combinations of three different antibiotics can often overcome bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics, even when none of the three antibiotics on their own — or even two of the three together — is effective. The researchers grew E. coli bacteria in a laboratory and treated the samples with combinations of one, two and three antibiotics from a group of ...

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UCLA New Solution to Big Data Challenge

Since the field of “big data” has emerged as a tool for solving all sorts of scientific and societal questions, one of the main challenges is to combine multiple sets of data from various sources to determine cause-and-effect relationships in new and untested situations. Now, computer scientists from UCLA and Purdue University have devised a theoretical solution to that problem. ...

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Method Developed to Predict Lifespan Before Cancer Death

People with cancer are often told by their doctors approximately how long they could live, and how well they will respond to treatments, but a new method developed by UCLA can help to predict lifespan before cancer death accurately. The new method developed could eventually lead to a way to do just that, using data about patients’ genetic sequences to produce ...

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