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‘Godless’ Virus Plays Havoc for Half of Android Phones in India

The new mobile malware "Godless" has affected nearly 4 lakh devices in India and about a million devices worldwide, said a report from cyber-security firm Trend Micro. In the report titled "Mobile App Reputation Service", it said the "Godless" malicious software, found in all app stores including Google Play, hides inside an app and operates on the root of the ...

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75 to 97% Smartphone Apps Hacked, Including Paid Ones: Report

A report by the mobile security firm Arxan Technologies has shown that between 75 and 97 percent of apps – on both Android and iOS devices – have been hacked. These alarming statistics show that all app users must keep in mind the flip-side of downloading these apps. The security firm analysed the top 100 paid apps and top 20 ...

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