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Ten tips to avoid hidden CCTV cameras

The incident of a camera pointed at a trial room in Fabindia store in Goa has stirred controversy about the visible and hidden video cameras in the name of safety and security in showrooms and eateries. Neither McDonald for its hidden camera in bathroom row nor Fabindia will own responsibility for the incident but alert women and men should follow some basic ...

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Burnt Out Leads to Depression; Some Tips to Avoid it

  Overwork, or feeling burnt out is an indication closely linked to depression later in life, said researchers. In a study conducted by Psychology professor Irvin Schonfeld from City College of New York, it has been noticed that there is a strong association between burnout and depression. About 5,500 school teachers were studied in a survey to estimate the prevalence ...

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5 Steps to Avoid Facebook Spying Your ‘Emotional Experiments’

With Facebook in the news for its creepy “emotional experiments” on users, Emma Fuller, a social chatting expert suggests ways to break up with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and chairman. She says, “at first, Mark — and his Facebook app — seemed like the perfect guy.” He “shared” regularly, “checked in” often, kept you “fed” with the latest news, and ...

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