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ASTROSAT Sends First Space Telegram to ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation has received the first astroronomer’s telegram (Atel no. 8185) from the Scanning Sky Monitor (SSM) observations oard the first astronomy satellite Astrosat. "The first Astroronomer’s telegram ...

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India Launches its Biggest Telescope MAST in Udaipur

In a groundbreaking achievement, India uncovered the biggest telescope of the nation namely “Multi Application Solar Telescope” (MAST) at the Udaipur Solar Observatory on Tuesday. Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO) belongs ...

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NASA spy telescopes from NRO to decode mysterious dark energy

The US space agency is planning to use two former spy telescopes to study mysterious dark energy in space. NASA received the two telescopes from the National Reconnaissance Office (() ...

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Giant galaxies die inside out

 In a major breakthrough towards understanding the formation of the universe, astronomers have figured out that star formation shuts down in the centres of elliptical galaxies first. The scientists made ...

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NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Finds Distant Planet, Using Microlensing Technique

NASA’s spitzer telescope has found a gas planet as far away as 13,000 light years away, the distant celestial body known in the category, called ‘Ogle-2014-BLG-0124Lb’. The gas giant planet is ...

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Another Quadruple Massive Planet with 4 Stars Discovered

A new planet with 3 stars clustered together in a four-star system was found 136 light years away from Earth, called 30 Ari as it is in the constellation Aries. The ...

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