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Birdwatch: How Chestnut-bellied Monarch Survives on Solomon Islands?

This image shows a typical Chestnut-bellied Monarch (left) vs. a melanic individual (right). CREDIT A. Uy

Animals living in islands tend to develop weird traits to acclamatize themselves with the environment over time, becoming big like Galapagos tortoises or small like extinct dwarf elephants or losing the ability to fly like the flightless parrots of New Zealand. But some animals have a tendency to develop “melanism” or, dark or black coloration, cites a new study. J. ...

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Malaria Parasite’s Drug Resistance Decoded, Reveals Study

A recent study has revealed that malaria parasites slow down their own growth to develop resistance against powerful anti-malarial drugs. According to an international team of researchers from 11 countries, knowing how the malaria parasites develop drug resistance will help healthcare workers treat malaria patients in a better manner. “To find out exactly what the parasite cell is doing to ...

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Scientists Try to Find Out Life Span of Ebola Virus

The scientists in US seem to be working on a tough task, to find out the life span of Ebola virus, which travels from person to person through direct contact with infected body fluids. No one really knows whether the deadly Ebola virus can survive on glass surfaces or countertops and cause infection or how long it remains active in ...

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