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Supermoon: Stunning Images from NASA

As “supermoon” occurred this morning combined with a total lunar eclipse, NASA photographers have managed to capture some stunning images of a phenomenon that occurred after more than 30 years. NASA’s Joel Kowsky clicked a perigee full moon called “supermoon” next to the Empire State Building at the beginning of a total lunar eclipse, while Bill Ingalls took a stunning ...

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Stunning Images of Pluto Mountains Keep Scientists Busy for Now

For NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft, it was just 14 minutes of flyby the dwarf planet Pluto but it gave a rare opportunity to take the closest ever pictures of the icy surface that reveals young mountains still rising. Estimated to be around 11,000 feet (3,500 meters), the mountain range could have formed no longer than 100 million years ago, compared ...

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Dawn Inching Closer to Ceres Orbit, 2 Days Short of Rendezvous

NASA’s spacecraft Dawn is approaching its target Ceres dwarf planet as planned for a historic rendezvous set for Friday, March 6, 2015. As the spacecraft is inching closer to the dwarf planet, it has sent new images captured about the dwarf planet Ceres, making the team on the earth excited and upbeat. “Dawn is about to make history,” said Robert ...

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