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After Google, Amazon India Promotes Solar Power, Kickstarts New Online Store

As Google is opening more solar-based data centers around the world, Amazon too has jumped on the bandwagon in pursuit of the Indian ambition for renewable energy, with the opening ...

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Comet Lander Philae Wakes up, Sends Signals via Mothership Rosetta

The comet landing of Philae enthralled the entire mankind in November last but soon it went into hibernation and the European space Agency thought it was lost forever on the ...

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Future Power Source? China Plans Masive Solar Power Station in Sky

What science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote in his 1941 short story “Reason” speculating space stations to transmit energy to Earth using microwave beams may become a reality soon, if ...

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New ‘Bionic Leaf’ Lets Convert Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel

Researchers have created an artificial leaf that can trap solar energy and turn it into liquid fuel with the help of bacteria, with huge potential for future sources of energy. ...

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