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Crows are Much Smarter Than Previously Thought: Study

When trained, crows can easily identify items by colour, shape and number of single samples as a matter of fact, that is as good as humans in terms of the so called ‘high order’ abstract reasoning process. The findings show that birds are much smarter than previously thought. “The results shatter the notion that sophisticated forms of cognition can only ...

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‘Smart’ drugs make bright people stupid

"Smart" pills that students pop to boost their academic performance do not work for healthy people, says a new research. They may improve the creativity of only those who are not naturally gifted, the findings suggested. The study focused on the smart drug Modafinil. "Our findings were completely opposite to the results we expected," said researcher Ahmed Dahir Mohamed from ...

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Bollywood news: Women need to be smart, nobody will empower them says Sonam Kapoor in an Interview

Mumbai, April 3 : “Women need to be smart, nobody is going to empower them,” said Sonam Kapoor, a talented and outspoken actor, while expressing her views on the safety of women improving after the national elections. “Women need to be smart about themselves. Nobody is going to empower them,” Sonam told IANS in an interview, responding to a query ...

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