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Poor Sleep? It’s Linked to Air pollution, Says Study

  Your exposure to air pollution or nitrogen dioxide and small particulates known as PM 2.5s are linked could impact the body note merely with breathing problems but also irritating your nose, your sinuses and the back of your throat, all leading to sleep disruption as well, said researchers. Martha Billings of the University of Washington said air pollutants entering ...

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Not getting Sleep? Blame it on Pain, Chronic Pain, Belief

There are many individuals who suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness and now researchers blame it on pain or fear among people that they may not get sleep due to pain conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis. "I won’t be able to cope with my pain if I don’t sleep well," is the common thinking among these patients with ...

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Try These Steps to Have the Perfect Sound Sleep

Career expectations, work stress, late night parties. In short, the modern lifestyle that has a direct impact on your sleep pattern often leaves you insomniac or close to it, these days. Lack of sleep not only affects your biological clock, but also puts you at higher risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Additionally, it caters to the disability to ...

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Sleep Loss Leads to Diabetes, Reiterates New study


Sleep loss can elevate levels of free fatty acids in the blood among those with pre-diabetic conditions, says new study, confirming a 15-year-old study on the same lines. The study, however, could link for the first time sleep loss to diabetes with more evidence collected for 24 hours about the fatty acid levels in the blood due to insufficient sleep ...

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Less sleep prompts you eat more and gain weight: Study

One nigh of total sleep deprivation is enough for a brain region known as the “salience network” to send signals to us to eat more fat and eventually gain more weight, says new research. “Although this study examined the effects of acute total sleep deprivation, similar changes may occur in response to the chronic partial sleep restriction that is so ...

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Switch off smartphone one hour before bed time or else face sleep disorders: Warn researchers

Teenagers should switch off their smartphones at least one hour before bedtime to avoid depression, sleeplessness and other problems, said experts in a new study. Constant use of the mobile phone late into the night increases the risk of sleep-related problems, symptoms of depression and fear of isolation later in life, said researchers who have studied the effect of smartphones ...

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