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Try These Steps to Have the Perfect Sound Sleep

Career expectations, work stress, late night parties. In short, the modern lifestyle that has a direct impact on your sleep pattern often leaves you insomniac or close to it, these ...

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Switch off smartphone one hour before bed time or else face sleep disorders: Warn researchers

Teenagers should switch off their smartphones at least one hour before bedtime to avoid depression, sleeplessness and other problems, said experts in a new study. Constant use of the mobile ...

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Alcohol Disrupts Sleep, Poor Sleep Leads to Alcohol Addiction, Cyclic Irony?

Two independent studies have proved that alcohol is no solution to induce sleep but actually disrupts sleep later in the night. And poor sleep in turn leads to alcohol and ...

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Did you sleep well? Japanese firm Nintendo device will show

Japanese video game company Nintendo Thursday announced it will develop a device to track and improve the quality of sleep, the latest venture of the company to get into the ...

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