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Mummification Prevalent in Bronze Age Britain: Study

Based on microscopic bone analysis of British skeletons, researchers said Britons too mummified their dead during the Bronze Age and they practised exotic, novel and bizarre funerary rituals, said archaeologists at the University of Sheffield. Dr Tom Booth analysed skeletons at several Bronze Age burial sites across the UK and a collaborative team from the University of Sheffield found that ...

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6 Intriguing Developments in Sheena Murder Case Today

Indrani Mukerjea and her second husband Sanjeev Khanna met Mikhail Bora and he claims that he was drugged in the hotel room. From there the duo moved to meet sheena, his sister whom they had allegedly killed the same night and took the body to Raigad where it was thrown in a forest. Finally the Maharashtra police have recovered the ...

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Paleontologists find remains of crocodile species that preceded dinosaurs

Paleontologist Nesbitt from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, who has been responsible for naming more than half a dozen reptiles, including dinosaurs, added one more — Nundasuchus, a 9-foot-long carnivorous reptile with steak knifelike teeth, bony plates on the back, and legs that lie under the body. Nundasuchus is not a dinosaur, but one of the large ...

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