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NASA Astronomers Seek ‘Machine’ Help to Study Stars

Scientists of NASA sign up for “machine learning,” seeking help to understand the properties of a large number of stars in our galaxy and learn their basic properties such as size and composition. The research is part of the growing field of machine learning, in which computers learn from large data sets, finding patterns that humans might not otherwise see. ...

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CES 2015: Intel Shows Off Button-Sized ‘Curie’ Wearable Computer

In what could be a befitting tribute to atomic pioneer Marie Curie a century later, Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, has unveiled a button-sized computer, shrinking the device from the stamp-size computer chip showcased last year. “Last year we introduced Edison — basically a computer the size of a postage stamp, but as engineers we knew we could do ...

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Double Asteroid’s shape and size determined for first time by astronomers

Volunteer astronomers in the US have determined for the first time the shape and size of the double asteroid Patroclus-Menoetius that passed directly in front of a star Oct 20. Led by Marc Buie, staff scientist in Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), the astronomers observed the event, known as an occultation, from multiple sites where each observer recorded the precise time ...

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