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Alien Messages? Mysterious Radio Signals from Galaxy Puzzle Scientists

Scientists have been puzzled with short bursts of cosmic radio waves called Fast Radio Bursts coming from an unidentified source in the space ever since the first one on record ...

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Comet Lander Philae Wakes up, Sends Signals via Mothership Rosetta

The comet landing of Philae enthralled the entire mankind in November last but soon it went into hibernation and the European space Agency thought it was lost forever on the ...

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NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Finds Distant Planet, Using Microlensing Technique

NASA’s spitzer telescope has found a gas planet as far away as 13,000 light years away, the distant celestial body known in the category, called ‘Ogle-2014-BLG-0124Lb’. The gas giant planet is ...

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Information Sucked by Black Holes Not Lost Forever, Says New Study

The “information loss paradox” in black holes, a problem that has plagued physics for almost 40 years, since Stephen Hawking first proposed 40 years ago that black holes could radiate ...

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