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Walking Fish on Bali Beach Surprises French Diver (Video)

A French cook who went for a dive at the beach of Bali found a fish walking around the seafloor on its legs, filmed it and put it on the ...

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SpaceX Dragon to Liftoff on June 1 with Cargo Supplies to ISS

Falcon Heavy Rocket will carry two private individuals to Moon next year by SpaceX and their names are kept secret (SpaceX)

SpaceX, US private space agency entrusted with cargo supply to International Space Station, will launch its 11th flight aboard the Dragon spacecraft to carry payload of resupply to the orbiting ...

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Qasar-Based Map of Universe Prepared by Space Scientists

dwarf galaxies

Based on the position of quasars, astronomers have prepared the first map of the universe large-scale structure of the universe. They have made use of the Sloan Foundation Telescope for ...

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Alien Messages? Mysterious Radio Signals from Galaxy Puzzle Scientists

Scientists have been puzzled with short bursts of cosmic radio waves called Fast Radio Bursts coming from an unidentified source in the space ever since the first one on record ...

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Rare Metal Hydrogen Disappears from Harvard Lab or Evaporates?

Microscopic images of the stages in the creation of atomic molecular hydrogen: Transparent molecular hydrogen (left) at about 200 GPa, which is converted into black molecular hydrogen, and finally reflective atomic metallic hydrogen at 495 GPa. Courtesy of Isaac Silvera

Harvard researchers claimed last month that they had managed to create metallic hydrogen that has the capability to superconduct electricity at room temperature without resistance in a process that used ...

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NASA Mars 2020 Mission to Land Rover on Notheast Syrtis or Jezero crater or Columbia Hills

The three spots are -- Notheast Syrtis, Jezero crater and Columbia Hills -- and one of them will be the landing spot for the next rover which is expected to be a saucer-shaped flying landing object.(Image Credit: NASA)

NASA has finalized three spots for its much-awaited landing of another rover on Mars in July 2020 ahead of a planned manned mission two years later. The three spots are ...

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Earth-Like Dwarf Planet Found by Hubble, German Researchers Upbeat

Artist's concept of Comet-Like Object Falling Toward White Dwarf (NASA)

NASA’s Hubble space telescope found a white dwarf star whose atmosphere has all the ingredients suitable for life and is rich in materials or building blocks for life such as ...

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Indian Origin Scientist Develops New Filter to Make Dirty Water Drinkable Using Sunlight

An Indian origin scientist and his team of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have developed a material that can filter out dirt in water with "Veritable wonder material" ...

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Water Ultimate Source of 10 Million Good Bacteria Per Glass, Reveals Study (Video)

In another breakthrough study, Swedish researchers have come out with a new study that throws light on an unbelievable 10 million good bacteria found in a glass of filtered water. ...

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Climate Change Impact? USGS Says Permafrost in Central Alaska Thawing Faster Than Believed

One-fourth of the permafrost underneath Alaska could thaw by the end of the century, according to U.S. Geological Survey scientists after using statistically modeled maps drawn from satellite data. The ...

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Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs in 2015

A University of Virginia Health System news release describing the “missing link” between the brain and the immune system was 2015’s most popular – and most shared – science news ...

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Laser Technology Breakthrough to Revolutionize Self Driving Cars

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed a new breed of laser technology that could significantly reduce the size and power consumption of LIDARs, or motor sensors on ...

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New Research Calculates Speed of Ice Formation

Scientists have for the first time calculated the rate at which water crystallizes to form ice in a realistic computer molecule of water molecules. In a breakthrough research, a supercomputer ...

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New study shows why bigger is better, but smaller is ‘smarter’

They say dream big and live bigger, but when it comes to social network, ‘smaller is smarter’, suggested a new study. Research by physicists from City College of New York ...

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Just add water, Your Computer Will Work: Stanford Engineers’ Marvel

Standford University scientist Manu Prakash and his team of students have developed a computer that can operate using the fundamental physics principle of moving water droplets generate energy, which may ...

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NASA Can Predict Solar storms 24 Hours in Advance Now

NASA scientists have successfully tested a tool to predict solar geomagnetic storms which often disrupt our own including one of Indian-origin have developed a new tool that can predict solar ...

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Jahn-Teller Metal, 4th Matter in World Discovered by Japan Researchers

Kosmas Prassides of Tohoku University, a post-doctoral researcher who just joined the faculty, has led a team that discovered a new state of matter called the ‘Jahn-Teller-metal’ that has some ...

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