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Women Change sexual Identity Easily Than Men: Study

Romantic opportunities appear to influence women’s sexual identities — but not men’s, suggests a new study that will be presented at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association ...

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Mocked about his sexuality on Twitter, Karan Johar turns red hot

Karan Johar turns red hot and replies back to the person who mocked at him about his sexuality using Twitter, coinciding with the Friday’s US Supreme Court verdict legalising same-sex marriage ...

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Google Search trends June 19-25 centre around US Court ruling on same-sex marrriages

From eagerly-awaited U.S. Supreme Court rulings, to the ongoing debate over the Confederate flag, the week from June 19 to June 26 was dominated by the court verdict that drove ...

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Vatican Relents, Ends Opposition to gays or LGBT Community

Deaprting from its centuries-old opposition to gays or LGBT community, the Vatican City has relented and said it would “welcome persons who have homosexual orientation”. Monsignor Bruno Forte, Special Secretary ...

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