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NASA’s Kepler Discovers Three Earth-Like Planets

The Kepler Spacecraft, NASA’s planet hunter, discovered three new “earth-like” planets or “Goldilocks” zones around Sun-like stars. Three of the newly-validated planets are located in their distant suns’ habitable zone, the range of distances from the host star where liquid water might exist on the surface of an orbiting planet. Out of the three planets, two are likely made of ...

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Rare Rock with 30,000 Diamonds Found in Russian Mine

A rock with as many as 30,000 diamonds was found in Russia’s Udachnaya diamond mine in northern Siberia, is now being studied by a professor from the University of Tennessee in the US. The diamonds may hold clues to the gem’s origins. The bizarre-coloured rock with red and green stones has 30,000 diamonds, a concentration a million times higher than ...

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BillBoard Music Awards ceremony celebrated grandly

  BillBoard Music Awards ceremony was celebrated grandly in MGM Grand Garden Erina, Las Vegas,United states of America . Popular Music Magazine of New york has conducted this award ceremony. Many models attracted the audience with their Rampwalk and many artists also enthralled the audience with their music and Dance. Few winners of BillBoard Music Awards: Top Artist: Justin Timberlake ...

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