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Panic grips Spicejet flight passengers as tremors rock Nepal before landing

Panic and anxiety gripped passengers, mostly Nepali citizens, on board a SpiceJet flight that had to return to Delhi halfway from Kathmandu after fresh tremors in the Himalayan country on ...

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NASA’s Kepler Discovers Three Earth-Like Planets

The Kepler Spacecraft, NASA’s planet hunter, discovered three new “earth-like” planets or “Goldilocks” zones around Sun-like stars. Three of the newly-validated planets are located in their distant suns’ habitable zone, ...

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Rare Rock with 30,000 Diamonds Found in Russian Mine

A rock with as many as 30,000 diamonds was found in Russia’s Udachnaya diamond mine in northern Siberia, is now being studied by a professor from the University of Tennessee ...

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Alien Rock From Mars Carried Traces of Life on to Earth, Claim Scientists

Researchers found in their analysis of organic carbon traces from a Martian meteorite that fell on the Earth that suggestws life on Red Planet is more probable than previously thought. ...

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BillBoard Music Awards ceremony celebrated grandly

  BillBoard Music Awards ceremony was celebrated grandly in MGM Grand Garden Erina, Las Vegas,United states of America . Popular Music Magazine of New york has conducted this award ceremony. ...

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