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New Alternative to Treat Cancer Discovered

Researchers at the Cancer Research Center (CRC) in Columbia have discovered that they can use a genetically modified strain of Salmonella bacteria to treat or kill cancer cells. Robert Kazmierczak, a postdoctoral fellow in biological sciences at MU, recently published a paper showing that weekly injections of a particular Salmonella strain into genetically engineered mice with prostate cancer reduced the ...

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Anti-Smoking drug is Safe, Says New Study, Endorsing Pfizer Drug

An anti-smoking drug to enable kick off the habit was found to be safe from previously thought side-effects such as risk of heart attacks and depression, said a new study, virtually endorsing the not very popular medical intervention for smokers. The drug — varenicline or popular as Champix or Chantix, was almost a decade-old but several studies in the past ...

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