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Why Gandhi Slippers? Quote Replaces Gandhi Face Now; Is Amazon Sensible to Indian Sentiments?

  As Indian PM Narendra Modi replaced Gandhi’s face on Khadi calendar of 2017, the US e-commerce giant Amazon has gone a step ahead to sell slippers with Gandhi face ...

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Microsoft Quietly Ditches Bitcoin

More than a year after allowing people to pay money into their accounts using bitcoins, Microsoft has quetly removed the Bitcoin, the virtual currency, top up option saying it is ...

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‘Aaj Ki Party’ detracts ‘Bajranji Bhaijaan’: Salim Khan

Salman’s dad Salim Khan who seemed to have been blown away by the poignant climax of the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ reportedly said that the song ‘Aaj ki party’ played for ...

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Google Removes Links to Youtube Video of BBC Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

Heeding the Indian authorities request following a court order, Google said it has complied with it and removed the links to the Youtube video links to BBC film ‘India’s Daughter’ ...

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Will it be Again Kejriwal vs Harsh Vardhan in Delhi Assembly Poll?

The sudden removal of high-profile doctor by profession Harsh Vardhan from the health ministry has riased eyebrows as an indication that he will be asked to return to Delhi politicis ...

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101 Celebrities’ Nude Photos Online Deleted, Hilton Apologizes, Legal Action on Cards

Blogger Perez Hilton, who has hacked and posted 100 nude photos of actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice on his image-sharing website 4Chan, apologized and later removed them with Twitter ...

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