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Health Byte: Wild blueberries Reduce Negative Effects of Fat Foods, says Study

Bilberries, also known as wild blueberries can reduce the adverse effects of a high-fat diet such as high blood pressure, nutrition derived inflammation and cardiovascular diseases, a study shows for the first time with scientific research to the effect. “Bilberries reduce the development of systemic inflammation and prevent the progression of chronic hypertension, thus supporting their potential role in alleviating ...

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Vitamin C Best Remedy to Curb Post-Exercise Cough, Other Respiratory Symptoms: Study

Vigorous exercise may worsen the symptoms of respiratory disorders such as cough or sore throat in some individuals but a new study suggests that increasing the vitamin C intake could offer quick relief. A meta-analysis of 3 studies found that vitamin C significantly reduced post-exercise airway, or the tubes that carry air into and out of the lungs, obstruction in ...

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Water Recedes in Jammu and Kashmir: Many Refuse to Leave Home

Water recedes in the Kashmir valley and about 90,000 people have been rescued from the state by the armed forces and the National Disaster Response Force. While the water began receding, many of the natives refuse to move from their places. The rescue teams were attacked by the angry locals, who were stranded and awaiting to be rescued. The death ...

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