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9/11 Attacks Partly Funded by Ransom Money from India: Ex-Police Commissioner of Delhi

Former CBI officer and Delhi police commissioner Neeraj Kumar has revealed in a book that the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and two other places by mastermind Mohammad Atta were funded by ransom money collected by gangsters after kidnapping Kadim Shoes owner Partha Pratim Roy Burman, chairman–cum–managing director of Khadim Shoes. The ransom collected ...

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Mysterious Mekedatu Throws up Dead Bodies, Who’s Behind?

Every weekend, Bangalore wakes up to listen to the sad news of some teenagers who went to Mekedatu returning dead and in some cases even their dead bodies are not traceable unless ransom is paid to locals. This weekend too two engineering students who went to Mekedatu never returned and after a day, locals helped to trace the dead body ...

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Why Japanese are Soft Targets for World Terrorists?

Japan, land of the rising Sun, has woken up on Sunday morning to the news of the death of Kenji Goto, whose killing was shown in a video released by Islamic State militants, far away in Iraq. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan “would not give in to terrorism” and that he would expand his support to countries fighting IS, which ...

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