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Jitender Singh Tomar – Journey from Tri Nagar to Tihar?

A registered lawyer with the Delhi Bar council, Jitender Singh Tomar is just an icon of ambition to succeed in life bereft of the means. Many have chosen similar journey to fame and success in Indian politics but few of them stumble earlier than others. Nobody in AAP could have cast an eye on scrutinising his certificates when he was ...

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Sunanda Murder Case: Delhi Police Issue Notice to Shashi Tharoor

Amid speculations, Delhi police on Monday issued a notice to Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor to question him over Sunanda Pushkar’s murder. As per reports, he is likely to be questioned on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tharoor, who is in Bengaluru now, is asked to be present for questioning as soon as possible in the issued notice. Initially though police had ...

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Mehdi Masroor Biswas, Bangalore-based IS Twitter ‘Operator’ Arrested in Mumbai

The Twitter account operator for the world terrorist outfit Islamic State or ISIS was arrested by police on Saturday evening after UK-based Channel 4 traced him to IS tweets working as conduit to recruit British and the sub-continent youth. Named Mehdi Masroor Biswas, the Bangalore-based man works for food-chain company and originally hails from West Bengal. His account @shamiwitnes was ...

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