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JP Nadda pays surprise visit to Safdarjung Hospital, reviews Dengue preparedness

Union Health Minister J P Nadda on Friday made a surprise visit of Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi to review its preparedness for Dengue and instructed the officials to ensure enough availability of platelets for dengue patients. The Health Minister expressed satisfaction regarding the preparation and availability of platelets/blood at the hospital and met representatives from some prominent NGOs in ...

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Facebook Launches ‘Safety Check’ a-la Google ‘Person Finder’ During Natural Disasters

Not to be left behind the global trend, social networking website Facebook has launched a tool called “Safety Check” that lets users notify friends and family members about their safety during emergencies or natural disasters, following similar features on Google called “Person Finder”. The “Safety Check” tool will be available to all Facebook users numbering 1.32 billion users currently and ...

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Cyber Terrorism, Asteroids, and Solar Flares – It’s time to gear up for any eventuality

In August, a massive solar flare interfered with satellite and radio communications around the globe. Less than three months later, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier whizzed by Earth close enough to remind us of how the dinosaurs met their end. Then in mid-November, it appears that the nation experienced its first cyber attack on a public utility ...

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