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April Fools Day: Pranks, Tricks, Tips to Make it Memorable

Today being April Fools’ Day, it is better to make firends and preferably boy friend or girlfriend a victim or “April fools,” as they remember it for long and so will be your relationship. Here are some tips and tricks to make April First a memorable day for your loved ones: 1. Cream Cheese or Deodorant? For people who use ...

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Prankster Abhishek Bachchan Sends SMS from Farah’s Twitter Account

Abhishek Bachchan can be one of the biggest prankster in Bollywood. And he proved it yet again during the shooting of "Happy New Year". One of his favourite on-the-set pranks is to send out messages from his co-stars’s phones. During the shooting of "Bluffmaster", director Rohan Sippy and co-star Priyanka Chopra found text messages being sent from their phones that ...

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