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Avoid Obesity in Five Easy Steps; Eat Less, Exercise More

Eating less is not the only solution to prevent obesity, however it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body weight. People under 25 are often seen complaining about their weight gain, the major reason of this is because of our lifestyle and environment. Youths are exposed to environmental pollutants, timing of food intake(which is the most important factor ...

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Vigorous physical exercise can lower lymphoma cancer risk

Not mere exercise but vigorous physical exercise can keep the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) at bay during one’s lifetime, said a new study. “Our findings suggest that people who do vigorous physical activity may also have a lower risk for NHL,” said Terry Boyle of the University of British Columbia. “We found that vigorous-intensity physical activity, such as activities ...

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Fitness of Heart, Lungs Improve Memory Levels in Older Adults: Study

When your heart and lungs are functioning well, known as cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), then your memory too improves, especially among older adults, shows a study revealing newly-found relationship between the two though it is unclear about the impact on long-term memory. In a study conducted by researchers at Boston University Medical Center showed that CRF has been directly related to ...

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