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Peshawar attack: How Pakistanis and Indians Found on Same Note?

Twitter, Facebook and other social media is bridging the gap between Indians and Pakistanis and more so when disasters like Peshawar attack shook the mothers of Army Public School students. Indians have been constantly posting Twitter messages condemning the Peshawar attack and showing solidarity in the hour of grief and the gesture has been acknowledged by Pakistanis who are “overwhelmed” ...

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Pakistan Army School Massacre by Talibans Leaves 148 Dead; 2014’s Worst Terrorist Attack?

Children were the majority of the 148 people killed Tuesday in a Taliban retaliatory attack on a school run by the Pakistani army in the northwestern city of Peshawar, where children of army officers study. The death toll included 132 students and nine school employees, the military’s director of public information, Gen. Asim Bajwa, told a press conference. Another 122 ...

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