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Panic-Stricken Doctor Flees Operation Mid-Way

It happens only in India as there are numerous hospitals with patients but insufficient number of doctors to attend to them. The corporate structure has left many hospitals on a fly-by-night mode and no wonder a Mumbai hospital resident doctor left the operation mid-way leading to the patient’s death. Waman Zare, 65, was admitted to Sion hospital in Mumbai a ...

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A Little Alcohol is Actually Good as It Heals Chronic Pain: New Study


Alcohol consumption is always associated with harm to human health. Damaging liver, intervening with the actions of brain, high blood pressure and stroke are some of the known negative effects of too much alcohol consumption. Even so, a new study by Scottish scientists has shown that a little intake of alcohol is in fact good for health, keeping the chronic ...

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Clinical Calculators Over-rate Heart Attack Risk: Study

Most “risk calculators” ususally taken up to screen a patient’s chances of suffering a heart attack actually overestimate the likelihood of it, warn a group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University citing American Heart Association system too. Four out of five widely used clinical calculators over-estimate risk, including the most recent one unveiled in 2013 by the American Heart Association ...

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Wearable Nanowire Sensor to Monitor Patient’s Health

A new wearable sensor that uses silver nanowires to monitor electrophysiological signals like electrocardiography (EKG) or electromyography (EMG) has been developed by a team of researchers from North Carolina (NC) State University. The new sensor is as accurate as the “wet electrode” sensors used in hospitals. The sensors are also compatible with standard EKG- and EMG-reading devices. It can be ...

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Ancient Pythagoras theorem helpful to track patient’s health recovery, prove scientists

A team of medical researchers has found that the 2,500-year-old Pythagoras theorem could be the most effective way to identify the point at which a patient’s health begins to improve. According to the theorem, in a right-angled triangle, the sum of the squares of the two right-angled sides is equal to the square of it’s hypotenuse.┬áIn other words, one can ...

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