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London Attacker Acted Alone, Admits UK’s Scotland Yard Police

UK investigative police Scotland Yard has finally admitted that they could not establish any motive behind the London attacker Khalid Masood whose brazen act in front of the British Parliament led th whole world believe that he was a terrorist and some possibly linking him to ISIS, which unilaterally claimed responsibility knowing that the free credit should not be missed. ...

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Freak Incidents in London Trigger Fears of Terrorist Attack?

  In what was not in line with established terrorist attacks, a freak accident on Thames Bridge threw off chaos and later one man with knives was shot dead for attacking a policeman in front of the British Parliament. However, the Police are suspecting it to be a terrorist attack and investigating. But the incidents have raised alarm around parliament ...

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Canadian PM Calls Parliament Attack as Second ‘Terrorist Attack’

After a soldier was killed and the Parliament was attacked on Wednesday, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper called it as the second terrorist attack that took place in three days. The soldier was shot to death and the gunshots were being fired outside a room where Harper was speaking. As per reports, treasury board minister Tony Clement said, "PM (Harper) ...

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