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New Male Circumcision Device ‘ShangRing’ Gets WHO Approval With Eye on HIV Prevention

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved a new voluntary male circumcision device called ‘SangRing’ that makes an operation redundant with minimal bleeding and disposable. ShangRing, named after its inventor Shang Jianzhong, comes with two concentric plastic rings that lock together over the foreskin and make male circumcision easier and help mostly the HIV prevention program in Africa. The program┬áhas ...

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CERN to Resume LHC Operation with Doubled Energy Today

CERN, which was able to produce epoch-making anti-matter or God’s Particle will resume its operations with its new refurbished Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on Monday, March 23, 2015 after a gap of over two years for maintenance. The renovated LHC will now double its accelerator for running at a collision energy of 13 TeV, nearly double its last time energy ...

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Brain surgery through cheek bone for epilepsy patients possible now

Researchers have developed a robotic device for people suffering from epilepsy that would enter through the cheek bone, thereby avoiding having to drill through the skull besides being much closer to the target area. The device has is a 1.14 mm nickel-titanium needle that operates like a mechanical pencil with concentric tubes, some of which are curved, that allow the ...

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