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Avoid Obesity in Five Easy Steps; Eat Less, Exercise More

Eating less is not the only solution to prevent obesity, however it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body weight. People under 25 are often seen complaining about their weight gain, the major reason of this is because of our lifestyle and environment. Youths are exposed to environmental pollutants, timing of food intake(which is the most important factor ...

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Chocolates increase sperm count, say experts

India might be on the verge of becoming the most populous country by 2030, however fertility experts have found a new diet that will help a man increase his sperm count. A nourishing diet that is filled with contents rich in antioxidants not only increases the sperm count, but also caters to the possession of healthy sperm cells. The experts ...

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Fast mimicked diet reduces ageing in mice: New study

Photo Credits: Trocaire on Flickr A new research has shown that calorie restricted food that mimics prolonged fasting (PF) can regenerate and promote longevity in mice. A new research by University of Southern California has found that feeding mice with calorie restricted food that mimics fasting for just 4 days produced results – encouraged regeneration in multiple organs/systems and increased ...

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