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Drug to Counter Nuclear Radiation 24 Hours After Exposure

"AtomicEffects-Hiroshima" by US government, Post-Work: User:W.wolny - ibiblio.org a collaboration of the centerforthepublicdomain.org. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AtomicEffects-Hiroshima.jpg#/media/File:AtomicEffects-Hiroshima.jpg

With Fukushima nuclear accident still fresh in our minds, a new injection will reduce the radiation effects of such nuclear accidents even if they are given one day after the mishap. While it cannot reverse the effects, it can only reduce the adverse impact, said researchers. Exposure to radiation triggers a number of potentially high lethal effects. In which, the ...

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India to Set up 70 Supercomputers at Rs.4500 crore: What it Forecasts?

With 70 super computers across the country, India is foraying into a mega-project that will connect the Indian defence establishments, hi-gi research institutes and early warning mechanism at a whopping cost of Rs.4,500 crore, said IT and communications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The grid-like connection of these R&D facilities in the country has been approved b y the Cabinet Committee ...

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Modi Congratulates DRDO Team over Agni-V 5000-km Range Missile Testfire

India’s DRDO said the nuclear capable Agni-V missile that can reach a target of over 5,000-km was successfully tested on Saturday, making another move towards flexible launch of nuclear-capable missiles from anywhere in the country. PM Narendra Modi immediately congratulated the team. The Agni-V missile is a long-range range missile measuring 17 metres long and 2 metres wide with a ...

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