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New Twitter Service ‘TweetDeck’ on Cards for Media, Marketing Professionals

Twitter is toying with another new way of providing a service for media and marketing professionals in order make more revenue for its existing platform with a huge reach but lesser revenue. The new TweetDeck for professionals such as journalists, marketers, publishers, upcomings brands and celebrities will be an ad-free platform for a subscription of $19.99 (Rs.1300) per month and ...

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Facebook Introduces ‘Sell Something’ Feature, Will it Affect Flipkart, Amazon Model?

After several trials and failures at selling something on its huge Facebook platform, the social networking website has come up with a unique feature allowing both sellers and buyers interact online bereft of e-commerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart. A report on the Next Web stated that the beta version is visibly noticed by some users as ‘Sell Something’ next ...

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